Friday, 23 November 2012

At last!!!

Hello ladies, at last we are in our new home since one week today! And my first day online after a month offline due to BT making lots of mistakes. We are of course still in a mess but we are getting there. It's all been so stressful but I don't want to think about all the problems we had to face by writing it down, it's best to try and put it behind me and try to move on. My health has certainly improved, hopefully it won't be long before I'm in full working order :-) We all love our new home even though it's half the size of where we were. We've already put more storage in as that's the one think we are seriously short of. I will take some before and after pictures of my future craft room which just now is a passage type thing. My stash is packed in boxes until my DH has fitted my room out, it's down the list right now and I don't have a time scale. Do you think grovelling might push it up the list? The main thing is we are all happy and settling very well so waiting a bit is not serious is it.