Thursday, 20 December 2012

Before photos(will make sense when you read)

Happy Christmas everyone! I thought I'd update you as to where I'm at. I've taken 2 photos of my "space" which is part of our hall and the only place I can have. I've done 2 pictures so you can see it's only very small so it will have to be well fitted out. DH doesn't have all his tools here as yet so he can't make a start :-( . I've bought 4 filing cabinets from Ikea that are A4 size, it's amazing just how much they hold. My thinking is that as they are on wheels I can move them if need be so better than a fixed cupboard and being so light coloured will blend in better. I will have a work surface just above the height of them so they can stay underneath. That will be on the right hand side and along under the window at the end. I will also have shelving on the right hand side. The coat rack will be moved. I'm keeping a look out for suitable wall storage on a tight budget but so far nothing. Any ideas? Do let me know please!!!
Also I'm very excited to tell you I now have a Silhouette Cameo! I've only had time for one little play as there is lots to do when you move house but already I can see that my Cricut will take a back seat, might even sell it. However we are very happy here, so glad we took the plunge even though it was traumatic. I'm feeling much better as well, so much of it must have been a combination of being unhappy and stressed.