Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More problems

Thanks so much for your good wishes and asking me how things are, I so value your support. We should have been moving this week but the solicitors have messed up so we can't and our solicitor can't even tell us when! It looks as if someone has been lying to us and their solicitor is covering up and going on a very slow speed on purpose would you believe. I'm trying so hard to cope with the stress and now I can't even try crafting as everything is in the packing boxes. The pains have got easier due to the medication but I'm very shaky and the medication gives me sweats. Pressure is really on us now as our new home is ready for us to sign for, we've lost a really good removal deal by having to cancel and the motel we'd booked for the overnight stay has charged us the full price even though it's not our fault we had to cancel. Hopefully once this is all over these bad symptoms will go away and I will be my old self again. Hugs and many thanks to all of you.