Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Update

Hi everyone, some good news, my health has improved quite a bit though I'm not recovered fully, plus we've found a house we want to buy. Hopefully the solicitors will keep busy and nobody will back out causing this long awaited move to fail. As many of you will know it's a stressful time which doesn't really ease until it's all over and sorted which will be at the end of next month. As we've down sized by half I still won't have a craft room although there is an area that my DH says he can fit out to suit me and it might even work better than what I have now fingers crossed. I will have to look out for inexpensive wall storage I guess. I'm now having a huge de clutter to cut some expense from this long distance move, anything we don't need will go, well has to in order to fit into half the size place. De cluttering does clear the mind though and I do find it therapeutic so long as it's not craft stuff I'm parting with :-) I might manage a card before I have to start packing things, depends on how much other stuff I can work through. Thanks for all your good wishes, I enjoyed reading them, they helped me thinking in a positive way that I will get through this and find my mo jo again.


  1. Most importantly, I'm glad to hear that your health is improving.
    Good luck with all things 'housey', I hope it all goes well. Once you are a bit more settled I'm sure Mr mojo will be up and running again.
    A big 'thank you' too for your support and kind comments you leave for me.
    Keep smiling
    Lorraine x

  2. Thanks so much Lorraine, hugs Pamela x

  3. Happy to hear your are feeling better and the housing situation is working out. Take your time and do what you need to do. We will all be here for you when you return.

    Hugs Nana
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  4. My lovely friend, I miss you^_^
    I'm very happy you feeling better:)
    Don't worry for is, take care and think for you and you family:)
    I wait you and Your future creation here in blogland^_^
    A mountain of Hugs and kisses:))

  5. hope you get to feeling better. so sorry your not well.

  6. glad to hear some good news, Just hang in there it will all work out and you will get to craft again. hugs

  7. Hope you feel better very soon xx

  8. Hi
    Hope all is going well for you now. I'm sure it will all work out, it's just the waiting, isn't it? Good luck. x


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